Local elections are where you vote counts the most- these officials have the biggest effects on your day to day life- it’s important we know our power to elect them, and keep them accountable.  You’ve got power in your vote! USE IT!  

  • Find your ballot information by your address ANYWHERE in the US!  (This is one the best places non partisan places to start to get specific info!)
  • You can also go to VoteSaveAmerica.com for registration, mail in ballot, and more information- including how to help in key battleground states, and other ways to get involved.  This site was created by the dudes at Pod Save America & Crooked Media- and they’re definitely coming at it from a Vote Blue perspective.
  • Find your f&@!* polling place.  A crass & effective way to do just that anywhere in the US.

I live in Philly so below are additional links for folks who live near me:

  • Philadelphia County, PA – The Committee of 70 Website is a good place to start.  Around election time they share a voting guide that’s very informative.  What is the Committee of 70?
    Seventy ’s Original Mission Statement: 1904.

    1. Protect the ballot through vigorous enforcement of State election laws, and by working to improve the voting and registration process.
    2. Work for the election of City officials devoted to the public interest, regardless of their political affiliations.
    3. Aid honest city officials in the performance of their duties.
    4. Gather and disseminate accurate, non-partisan information on municipal affairs.

  • New Jersey – Department of State website
  • Montgomery County, PA – Official County website
  • York County, PA – Official County Website
  • Bucks County, PA – Voter Guide provided by the League of Women Voters of Bucks County