Each of the people in the ‘Total Jerk’ music video are real Americans, fighting to be heard in the face of a conservative Congress and a bigoted Commander in Chief who normalizes cruel & ignorant behavior.

We are all connected & many issues effect ALL Americans, but on this page you can click each picture for more information about issues that each of effect us personally.

robert TJ
Fight For Robert
Jennifer Total Jerk
Fight For Jennifer
Jason Total Jerk
Fight For Jason
Tru's Family
Fight For Tru & Troy
Puppies For Progress
Fight For Alyson

Ours are just a few voices in the beautiful chorus that is the American People.  There are SO MANY unique, wonderful, valid perspectives out there.  We ALL have reasons we stand up.  I asked the cast & crew of the Total Jerk video what they fight for and fight against.  Here are some of their answers…

I fight for…

  • Human Rights – Melanie Romay
  • Equality in all walks of life, business and otherwise. – Jason Richardson
  • Inclusion, feminism, racial equality. – Sharon Pearson
  • Everything 🙂 – Carla Carpenter
  • Hilarity – Mike O’Donnell
  • Equality – Amanda Sylvester-Altieri
  • A woman’s right to choose, equal pay, fair justice/trials, equal rights for women & minorities, equal education oportunities for all. – Latifah Waddy
  • Rights for all. – Sal Hamid
  • Equal rights & opportunities for EVERYONE. – Troy Medford
  • The rights of minorities which includes (but is not limited to) women’s rights, LGBT rights, Black Lives Matter, small businesses, and immigrant rights to have a better life! ending child hunger, housing for the homeless… – Khia “Chef Blaze” Martin-Hobbs
  • Autonomy & equality. – Brad Omen
  • The right for my LGBT friends and family to love who they wish to love. For women to be able to make their own decisions in regards to what they do with their bodies. For minorities to be seen as equals. – Myles Martin
  • Acceptance, understanding. – P. Andre Bennett
  • Equal Rights for all. – Marketta “Persia Sound” Phillips
  • Justice for my family because black lives matter and police brutality needs to be addressed and resolved.  Equal rights. Womanhood. – Tru Journee
  • Women’s rights, LGBT rights, pro-choice, immigrants, equal rights, equal pay. – Nicole Andino
  • Equality of opportunity. – Steven Quarles
  • Peace, positivity on earth among all. – Marley Rebagliati

I fight against…

  • Racism, sexism, genderism, bullying, ignorance. – Sharon Pearson
  • Bogusness. – Mike O’Donnell
  • Sexism – Amanda Sylvester-Altieri
  • Hunger, poverty, hate, bullying, and ignorance. – Latifah Waddy
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, and policies that harm the poor and middle class. – Sal Hamid
  • Discrimination & racism. – Troy Medford
  • All political b.s. shenanigans, TRUMP, republicans, bigotry, corrupt police. – Khia “Chef Blaze” Martin-Hobbs
  • Exploitation, abuse, and hate. – Brad Omen
  • Racism, sexism, hate toward any group of people, especially minorities and LGBT.  Corrupt police & a corrupt government. – Myles Martin
  • Lack of empathy. – P. Andre Bennett
  • Trump. – Marketta “Persia Sound” Phillips
  • Racism, bullying, religion & state. – Nicole Andino
  • Racism, disenfranchisement, Betsy Devos. – Steven Quarles
  • Hatred and negativity overall. – Marley Rebagliati